Visualizing Your Experience!

Do you think that you can change the world without changing yourselves?

Amal (action, start)

So much in life happens because someone takes the initiative to make it happen.

“If you want to change the world, why don’t you start with yourself” Mina Tadros

Just like every other good thing out there, our journey with Amal fellowship is nearing its end. Infect, it is the last week of our fellowship. We were assigned plenty of tasks throughout the fellowship, which forced us to think on a deeper level. Similarly, today’s blog is about yet another reflection.

When starting the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship, I was not sure whether I would manage to complete this fellowship or not as it was the first of this kind of experience for me. At the start of the fellowship we were assigned a task of “finding our goals and why’s behind it”. It seemed difficult to me at that time as I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do in my life. I decided to quit, our program manager Sir Zaki Hyder motivated me to continue.

Then I decided to complete the fellowship whether I got good marks or not. It was something that motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and I wanted to make a fresh start.

Something is better than nothing”.

There is so much to gain at Amal fellowship. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. I learned how to work in a team. I came to know about the Eisenhower matrix, reflection and how to use an MS suit. There are many things I did for the first time in my life.

It was difficult for me to identify my passion and then the right path to achieve it. I thought it’s not enough to be compassionate, I have to start. I learned about self-discovery. Later I learned the concept of SMART goals and applied it to our own goals that I listed earlier. Then there was this one project #juststart your goals, which empowered me to take the first step(Amal).

In the 2nd week they assigned us a task of “ fixing stuff around yourself”

I fixed stuff in my brother’s room and It received a lot of wow’s!!!

Firstly, I wasn’t aware what’s the purpose of this project. When I started working on it I came to know that they are actually teaching us “leadership without authority”. It was my favorite project, as it makes me realize that to change the world I have to start from myself. Each person’s journey is unique and there is no simple mechanism which can be prescribed for helping people bring change. It comes from your own.

leadership is a choice not a position.

“Leadership without authority is an emerging concept gaining traction in social, academic and business circles,” writes Russ Banham.

In every session I learned something new. Some from my facilitators and some from my fellows. I made new friends and most importantly I learned the art of “fake it till you make it”. I discovered from this fellowship I can do anything I am willing to do and I proved it. At the start of the fellowship I started work on my project very soon. I was afraid that I would manage to complete it in 5 days or not but now I am confident that I can complete it in just one day.

Lastly, I have nothing but heartfelt thanks to Amal fellowship for this opportunity. I am lucky to be a part of this fellowship and I tried to enjoy every bit of it. Thank you so much to the Amal family for your support and encouragement.