Amal Totkay

Amal totkay are basically the 5 tips which are given to us for changing ourselves from Fixed mindset to Growth mindset.

growth mindset vs fixed mindset

There are five Amal tips and my learnings.

1. Self talk: is actually reflection of our thoughts and I think it’s real motivation if we think we can then we can and vice versa. So it must be positive.

2. Get out of your comfort zone: Success always lies out of comfort zone. This tip encourages us to put ourselves in challenging situations.

3.Create new habits: It’s most important and most difficult tip as it’s not easy to change our habits and it really depicts the meaning of “get out of your comfort zone”

4. Ask people for help: As we discussed earlier feedback is a gift ,it help us to improve ourselves.

5. Fake it till you make it: It’s acting , try to act like complete and confident ultimately we will be like that. This tip is very crucial for change , if we act on something it will eventually become our habit after almost 21 days.

All these tips are helpful for our career as well as for daily life and the tip I like the most is first one “positive self talk” and I am already implementing it in my life as I realized I am only , my true inspiration. Positive thinking transformed into positive believes ,positivity save us from many things and help us to be determined in challenging situations.