It’s always difficult to say goodbye to those you spend good time with. But the “change” is actually the charm of life, so we have to move.

It was 3-month ago, when my journey with the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship started (March-2021). At that time I was an introvert type, not…

Do you think that you can change the world without changing yourselves?

So much in life happens because someone takes the initiative to make it happen.

“If you want to change the world, why don’t you start with yourself” Mina Tadros

Just like every other good thing out there, our…

Can you really change your life by thinking positive thoughts?

The answer is “Yes”

“The mind is everything. What you think you become”

Reflection is actually an important part of learning through experience. By reflecting on our experiences we can enhance our learning.

Before joining Amal:

Life before joining Amal…


Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique helps us to improve productivity levels. But the question is How???

Well, the effectiveness comes in the form of the structure that it brings. Increasing productivity does not come from merely wishing for it. We have to possess grit, focus and a time management tool that…

Poverty in the Rural Areas

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity , it is an act of justice” (Nelson Mandela)

Poverty is no doubt a global issue but 79% of people living in poverty are from rural areas.

When I looked around myself there are many families suffering from poverty. I realized that…

Amal Totkay

Amal totkay are basically the 5 tips which are given to us for changing ourselves from Fixed mindset to Growth mindset.

There are five Amal tips and my learnings.

1. Self talk: is actually reflection of our thoughts and I think it’s real motivation if we think we can then we can and vice versa. …

Rabiya Basharat

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